The Holy Masses with the participation of the faithful at Saint Hyacinth church

From June 13, parishioners can participate in celebration of the Holy Masses in our church. As a parish we must adhere to the strict regulations implemented by the Province of Ontario and the Archdiocese. Therefore, to be able to participate in the Holy Mass parishioners must register with the parish office. Please inform in advance the parish office that you wish to attend the mass and your participation will be confirmed when possible. We would like to remind parishioners that the Archbishop’s dispensation from fulfilling Sunday Mass obligation is still valid. During this time, we will also continue to broadcast Holy Masses from our church. Please carefully read the detailed instructions that are mandatory at Saint Hyacinth Parish.


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Guidelines and procedures for liturgy participants

at Saint Hyacinth church during the pandemic


  • To attend Sunday Mass you must register in advance by phone or email at the parish office and you need to receive confirmation.
  • People with a cold, high temperature, who are not feeling well, are asked to stay at home.
  • The parish hall and toilets are out of order. Therefore, people who use the toilet often are asked stay at home.
  • In the church you must wear a mask that securely covers the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • The choir is closed (only accessible to the organist and broadcast staff).


  1. Please come to the church 30 minutes before Holy Mass
  2. Please enter the church through the side entrance and follow the volunteer’s instructions and the signs placed in the church
  3. The elevator is not available to the public; if you need to use the elevator, please contact the volunteer at the church door
  4. At the church entrance you will need to confirm your identity and provide current contact information (phone, email) and you are required to sanitize your hands (volunteers will assist you)
  5. It is necessary to keep physical distance from other people (2 meters)
  6. In the church you will be seated in designated individual seats. There is no possibility for families to sit together without the physical distance regulations. (for practical reasons – we apologize)
  7. Please do not bring children to the church who will not be able to stay in one place throughout the liturgy
  8. We don’t sing during Holy Mass (only the organist sings)
  9. The sign of peace is given by nodding our heads
  10. Holy Communion will be received only on hand
  11. If you would like to give a donation, you can do it by the entrance or by the exit of the church
  12. After the Holy Mass, all the participants are asked to leave the church immediately without stopping by the exit or in the car park and to keep a physical distance of 2 meters.
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