Lent & Triduum

Stations of the Cross every Thursday and Friday at 6:30 pm  and Lamentations every Sunday after 12:30 pm mass. Both devotions are in Polish only.

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are universal days of fasting and abstinence from meat. Fasting binds all persons from 18 to 59 years old, unless prevented by poor health. On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, only one full meal and two smaller meals, which together are not greater than a full meal are allowed. Abstinence binds all persons who have completed their 14th birthday, unless prevented by poor health. Abstinence from meat is required on all Fridays of the year.

Confessions will be heard on Monday March 25  and Wednesday March 27 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Good Friday March 29 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Wielki Czwartek / Holy Thursday March – 28- marzec, 2024
19:00 Holy Mass in Polish
20:00 – 22:00 Adoration

Wielki Piątek / Good Friday March – 29- marzec, 2024

10:00-12:00 Spowiedź / Confession
16:15 Droga Krzyżowa in Polish
17:00 Liturgia Wielkiego Piątku in Polish
18:30 Gorzkie Żale in Polish
Adoration till 22:00

Wielka Sobota / Holy Saturday March – 30 – marzec, 2024
10:00 -14:00 food blessing & Adoration
20:00 Paschal Vigil Mass in Polish

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