Parish Choir


The choir management:
Chairman – Jan Grzanka
Vice-chairman – Mirosław Korycki
Secretary – Teresa Klimkowska

St. Hyacinth Parish choir has existed for many years. Its singing enriches many religious and national celebrations every year. The choir rehearsals take place usually after the Holy Mass of Friday, around 7:30 p.m All parishioners gifted with a good voice are welcome to join our choir in singing the praises of our Lord.

Sublimity of worship depends to a large extend on church singing. Singing is a major part of prayer, prayer from the heart and the soul. Feelings and convictions are enhanced intensely in singing. We thank all the members of the Parish Choir, who have served with their voices loyally and with devotion throughout the years. They have been using their talents for the Glory of God and they have been inspiring us to uplift our thoughts to the Lord during Holy Mass. It should be our ambition to have a great Parish Choir in the capital city of Canada. “We are the future of our nation, our chest is full of strength…” With these lyrics in mind we encourage young people in particular to take part in the Parish life actively and to join our Parish Choir.

Bulletin 5/02/1961 – Fr. Stanisław Prokop, OMI

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