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Pope Paul VI in Apostolic letter “Ministeria Quaedam” defines the conditions and duties of lectors (i.e. readers):

‘The reader is appointed for a function proper to him, that of reading the word of God in the liturgical assembly. Accordingly, he is to proclaim the readings from sacred Scripture, except for the gospel in the Mass and other sacred celebrations; he is to recite the psalm between the readings when there is no psalmist; he is to present the intentions for the general intercessions in the absence of a deacon or cantor; he is to direct the singing and the participation by the faithful; he is to instruct the faithful for the worthy reception of the sacraments. He may also, insofar as may be necessary, take care of preparing other faithful who are appointed on a temporary basis to read the Scriptures in liturgical celebrations. That he may more fittingly and perfectly fulfill these functions, he is to meditate assiduously on sacred Scripture.

Aware of the office he has undertaken, the reader is to make every effort and employ suitable means to acquire that increasingly warm and living love and knowledge of Scripture that will make him a more perfect disciple of the Lord. ‘


Procedures for serving as a lector at St. Hyacinth’s Parish

  • Lectors must come at least 10 minutes before Holy Mass.
  • Lectors must check the readings in the sacristy whether the proper readings are marked, according to the liturgical calendar. There they prepare the introduction to Holy Mass and the prayers of the faithful. IN CASE OF ANY UNCERTAINTY they ask the priest who will celebrate the Mass.
  • Before the Holy Liturgy, one of the lectors comes to the pulpit and reads the introduction. After that he takes a place in the first pew. If there is only one lector, he takes the lectionary to the pulpit.
  • If there are two lectors present, the second of them enters with the entrance procession. During that he holds the lectionary at his head or chest height and, after placing it on a pulpit, he takes place in the first pew.
  • After the first prayer, lectors enter the chancel and nod their heads towards the altar/tabernacle. One of them begins with the first reading. After both readings lectors come back to their pew together.
  • When the celebrant reads the introduction to prayers of the faithful, one of the lectors comes to the pulpit and reads the prayer. Then he/she comes back to his/her pew.

God bless you!

Lectors’ prayer

My Lord, I am standing by the great mystery of Your Word, which I am to give to others. Firstly, help me be a good listener and witness of Your Word. Purify my mouth from any impurity, make me your tool, so I can bring You to others in my heart, in my hands and on my lips. Amen.

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